Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals
Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals
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Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals
Our Products
100% Health Care
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Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals Pvt. Ltd.'s ever increasing product portfolio is aimed at meeting the needs of our customers-generating tremendous customer satisfaction and greater value based reputation for our company.
Shrey Nutraceutcials & Herbals Pvt. Ltd. has already launched 50 branded products for domestic and International market consumption and most of the products have already been registered in Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan etc. Keeping up the legacy of giving quality products, today Shrey confirms to International standards. It is a matter of pride that the Group company Biomedicare (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been accredited with International Standard of Quality i.e. ISO-9001: 2000 for having established a quality Management system in compliance with the above by JAS-ANZ.

Our Products are :-

Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals
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